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Lord Ayyappa is popularly believed as the Kaliyuga Vardan.
Vedant Ayyappan Trust is the natural outcome of the coming together of few like-minded Ayyappa Devotees living in and around Thane/Mumbai/Navi Mumbai under dynamic leadership of Guruswamy, Shri Ramesh Chalam.



To help poor & needy people & uplift them into our society by providing assistance towards health, education, vocational training, food, basic necessities and also provide spiritual help to people & society for social & personal development.


  • Help atleast five needy children every year by providing finance/assistance for basic education.
  • Provide every deserving person the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential & participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.
  • Make our planet a sustainable world for future generations by ensuring social responsibility.
  • Provide medical assistance for needy personnel either directly or indirectly – arranging atleast 2 blood donation camps per year.
  • Take atleast 2 new Ayyappa devotees (Kanni) to Sabarimala every year who are not financially sound.
  • Felicitating & helping defence personnel with financial help either directly or indirectly.
  • India is known for its culture of respect for older members of the family but the rise in urbanization an d inequality , many elderly are left alone by themselves. The situation is worse in rural areas where there is a larger migration of young population to urban areas and the old are left behind.
  • Several neglected elderly people in India face problems ranging from lack of income, ill health & loneliness. Vedant Ayyappan Trust(VAT) will be reaching to neglected and underprivileged elderly and providing them with necessary financial and emotional support. The services ranging from constructing OLD AGE HOME in the next ten years.



Guruswamy Ramesh Chalam leads devotees to Sabarimala every year and his group is popularly known as Thane Ayyappan Group. The devotee age group ranges from 8 years to 80 years, including students, teenagers, working professionals and senior citizens. Once while on one of these pilgrimages to Sabarimala, Guruswamy was very disturbed with the plight of the poor and needy people in India and casually he proposed the idea of forming a trust to help the poor and needy. The idea was readily accepted by all the devotees and Vedant Ayyappan Trust was formed. The Trust’s name originates from the place where our Grurswami resides and a group of likeminded professionals who are senior executives in different fields manage it. They aspire to follow Guruswamy’s ideals and have the determination to pursue and fulfill his dreams. The inspiration was drawn out of our former president of India, Dr. Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who believes; "Dream is not what you seen in sleep, but it is the thing which will not let you sleep".



  • Mr. Ramesh Venkata Chalam – Managing Trustee
  • Mr. Krishnakumar Narayanswamy – Trustee
  • Mr. Balakrishnan Krishnan – Trustee
  • Mr. Manickam Ramaswamy – Trustee
  • Mr. Mandamparambu Balan Narayanan – Trustee


Vedant Ayyappan Trust is registered under Bombay Trust Act 1950, Reg No E-8864/THANE.
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